Mission Statement

NGIWA is committed to providing professional and technical leadership through education, support and representation to advance the growth and profitability of its members. In support of this mission we are committed to:

Providing professional and technical leadership.

Developing the business and technical skills as well as profitability of members through training, education and communication.

Developing and enhancing ‘best practice’ methods by working with members to achieve and maintain industry accreditation.

Being the peak representative to advance the professional standing of the industry with government agencies, industry bodies and the community.

Assisting members to stay abreast of various Industry Codes, Standards, Practices and legislative requirements.

Our key objectives are:

To implement a successful strategy for retaining current members and abstracting new members.

To develop revenue streams to ensure that NGIWA has the resources and structure required to achieve its objectives.

To provide members with training and educational opportunities to develop the business and technical skills within their workforce.

To develop and implement an effective communication plan to inform and update members and industry stakeholders.

To provide opportunities for members to promote their products and their businesses.

To implement a strategy to increase the number of members actively working towards and achieving industry accreditation and 'best practice'.

To ensure an ongoing provision of a skilled and productive workforce.

To influence the opinions and policies of government agencies and industry bodies for the benefit of the industry.