Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia

accredited nursery setting standardsSetting the standards for the professional management of production nurseries and growing media suppliers in Australia

NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia) is a national scheme for production nurseries (growers) and growing media (potting mix) businesses which operate in accordance with a set of national ‘best practice’ guidelines.

The aims of NIASA are to:

Improve customer confidence at all levels of the distribution chain

Improve the profitability of NIASA accredited businesses through the adoption of industry Best Practice

Encourage the use of environmentally sound work practices

Encourage the continuous improvement of NIASA accredited businesses and those working towards accreditation

Any wholesale/production nursery or growing media/potting mix manufacturer in Australia can join NIASA if they implement the NIASA Best Practice Guidelines. Membership is totally voluntary and participants are not required to belong to the NGIWA.

Why consider NIASA for your business?

NIASA can help your business by improving customer confidence and improving your business’s efficiency through best management practice.

Customers know that the product they buy from a NIASA accredited business has been produced under industry recognised best management practices that have been audited at least on an annual basis

Accredited media manufacturers have an immediate marketing advantage for supply to NIASA production nurseries, which prefer accredited suppliers

Many government departments and large landscape contractors now prefer (and it is a prerequisite) to buy from a NIASA nursery. It is recognised and supported by State and Territory Departments of Agriculture.

The Nursery Industry Development Officer (NIDO) is available for information, interpretation and advice on crop hygiene and management practices, environmental, staff, government regulations and continuous improvement issues

The implementation of the Guidelines is a way of involving staff as a team in achieving Best Practice standards

Joining NIASA also projects a positive public image due to the guidelines requiring a demonstrated commitment to efficient and environmentally conscious water management, plant nutrition and pest management.