accredited nursery ecohortThe stamp of environmental excellence

EcoHort is the national Nursery Industry Environmental Management System (EMS) for production nurseries and growing media manufacturers. The program is designed to assist NIASA accredited businesses further improve their business sustainability whilst addressing environmental and natural resource management responsibilities.

Importantly, EcoHort offers businesses with a risk assessment pathway to continually improve and demonstrate sound environmental stewardship and natural resource management to government, industry and the general community.

accredited growing media supplier ecohortThe EcoHort program consists of a set of guidelines covering the following core environmental management areas:



  Land and soil

  Pesticides and chemicals

  Air, noise and odour pollution

  Risk assessment


  Site biodiversity

To gain EcoHort certification, businesses must undergo an independent audit on an annual basis to ensure the integrity of EcoHort program is maintained.

Once certified, EcoHort provides formal recognition of a business’s commitment to environmental and natural resource management and compliance with relevant environmental legislation. The EcoHort program is also endorsed by Smart Approved WaterMark, which recognises the genuine water savings gained by participating in this program.

EcoHort is a program in the Nursery Production Farm Management System (FMS) – a holistic system designed to ensure a sustainable future for the Australian nursery industry.