Certified Nursery Professional

cnpCertified Nursery Professional

The Certified Nursery Professional program is the third tier of accreditation by the Nursery and Garden Industry in Australia. This is an opportunity for the individual to have their life long learning and skills recognized by their colleagues, industry and the general public.

Below is the entrance criteria and following is requirement to maintain your accreditation.

The application form identifies the evidence you will need to present your case and where to send the information.

Criteria for Accreditation

To be eligible for Accreditation Status within the Certified Nursery Professional Program you need to have met the following entry criteria.

Entry Criteria

Professional Level either:

Certificate 3 Horticulture and 5 years experience; or

10 years experience, no qualifications.

Specialist Level either:

any relevant qualification at Diploma level or higher (eg: combine the 2 criteria we have now) and 10 years experience; or

15 years experience, no qualifications.

Waterwise Garden Centres
Activity Credit Points Max Per 1 Year
Must be horticulture based or relevant to a horticultural enterprise
7 pts up to Level 4
10 pts for Levels 5 & 6
12 pts for higher Levels
National / State Conferences 4 pts per day full registration 20
Seminar 2 pts per half day 6
Study Tour / Field Trip:
Inc. part of Conference progrma
3 pts per half day
6 pts poer full day
Must be Industry based
1 per subscription 4
Industry Committee 2 pts per meeting 20
Industry Workshop / Training Course 2 pts per half day
4 pts per full day
In House Training 1 pts per session attended 10

Your records will undergo a desk audit and subject to you satisfactorily completing the requirements, you will receive reaccreditation within the Certified Nursery Professional (CNP) program and a new badge will be awarded to you.