BioSecure HACCP Certification

BioSecure HAACP is the national Nursery Industry Biosecurity Program for production nurseries and growing media manufacturers.

The program is designed to assist NIASA accredited businesses to assess their current and future pest, disease and weed risks.

The BioSecure HACCP program is framed on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) which is a world recognised systematic and preventive approach to address hazards through anticipation and prevention, rather than end-product inspection and testing. BioSecure HACCP is a set of guidelines that provides businesses with methods to identify biosecurity risks and implement controls at critical points within their business system.

To gain BioSecure HACCP certification, businesses must undergo an independent audit on an annual basis to ensure the integrity of the BioSecure HACCP program is maintained.

Once certified, BioSecure HACCP provides formal recognition of a business’s commitment to managing on farm biosecurity. It also assists these businesses in meeting their broader obligations and gaining recognition at a government level. Ensuring ongoing market access is a priority for any business.

BioSecure HACCP is a program within the Nursery Production Farm Management System (FMS) – a holistic system designed to ensure a sustainable future for the Australian nursery industry.